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My Absence ...

Hello, guildies! I bet you're wondering where I've been?

Well, if not then shame on you! *laughs* Anyways I've been at my friends place and doing some babysitting. However, I will be coming back today so don't get to comfortable without me there.

Once I get back on the game I will check up on how the guild is doing both by member number (How many we have) and by asking you once I return. However, there are two that I want to speak with and have a meeting with once I get back. They are:


It is imperative on this. If there have been any fights or problems please alert me on this so I may deal with it or at least be aware of what has happened. Thank you.

I have noticed that not many people have joined this site. Either you guys are just really lazy, have no time or just like defying me, but no matter it will not do. Unless you have a GOOD reason you MUST sign up for this site. If you don't you shall be punished in any way I see fit. Let this be as a warning.

--I will say this warning in GMOTD and in normal speaking so as everyone is clear.--

That is all for now. Hope everyone is trying to level and is being helpful!!

Your Leader,
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poo I hit 50 with Ironhoof but if you checked your mail I'm sure you got the news :(

But never fear I'm workin' on my mage with dillegence!

And how come I'm the only one to join the site lol.
Because the other guildies are being jerks and lazy asses which will be dealt with very soon.