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The guild meeting went as such.

I handed out robes to those getting promoted, however, not all showed up and not all recieved such robes because they refused to wear or take them. It goes unpunished, mainly because meeting didn't start yet and because for now it's not that important. However, it is important for future meetings.

Random duels progress out of boredom as we wait for memebers to show up. Once more people show up I talked to them telling them this:

Go to community.livejournal.com/disciples_ares make an account and join this community. It IS important for all of you to obey this so we can all become closer and become better friends. Also, so interaction might be easier if the game crashes for you or you are just unable to get on and are in need of a quick favor.

Cindylouwho is creating a server on Teamspeak! Talk to him for details on this please.

Recruiting for this guild has been paused for now. But if you know of any interested players don't hesitate to bring them in.

Those who need to be congratulated:
Vulgare for making the highest and most distinct rank "Ladys Minion"
Zulisha for making one of the highest and honored rank "Superior"
Loganerlk for making one of the most respected ranks "Commander"
Grimaxe for making a high rank in such a short period of time, "commander"
Tropicana for making a moderately high rank "Taxiarchos" may he prosper under this new rank.
Arelock for making "Superior"
Turdfurgeson for making "Superior"

These seven have proven themselves helpful, respectful and most enjoyable to play with during any given moment. Don't give up hope because you may be next!

Those who should be thanked:
Billjack/Hotcarl for providing the first prize.
Hellsinger for being so patient with our guild, even though some of it's members are at times...childish.
Cindylouwho for helping the guild become vocal (for Teamspeak) and for contributing for what the guild is today.

Everyone who showed up got promoted and a gift! Those who did not show up for no reason will recieve a demotion or any other form of punishment I may dream up.

After small words were exchanged I handed out some tabards, Koshumm I still need to give him a tabard so if you are able to help me out on this please do. Dueling took place and Turdfurgeson won the blue item and a bird pet! *applauds*

We all then went to RFK (Razorfen Downs) and had some fun in there.

This meeting was decent but it could have been much more exciting if everyone remembered their duties to this guild! Please try to make the other ones!

A person is banned from entering the guild! Character name: "Beautitrix" This person has insulted our very name so they are never to be allowed to enter the guild or be helped!

Pictures of the meeting shall be in the next post!

Your Leader,
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