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Anyone want some Cheesey Poop? I can make some and so can you! Easy to follow steps!

Take Cheetohs
Take 3 M&M's One green, one red and one blue.
Take Butterscotch pudding
Take Water, Half-filled.

Soak Cheetohs in water until whitish. Drain.
Place in bowl, preferably small.
Take M&M's and place in bowl, with cheetoh's.
Take Butterscotch pudding and place in bowl with M&M's and Cheetoh's. (Don't use a lot, a good sized teaspoon will suit.)
Then place in microwave for 18 seconds, roughly.
Mix, you might have to crush some of the M&M's but this is to be expected.

Good uses:
Nice interesting trick for neighbor's, family member's, etc ...
Place in doorstep, possibly bathtub or any place, use your imagination!
Eat, if you dare.

Recipe created successfully by Seb and Stacie. (Who knows what we were on.)
--Pictures coming soon--
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